See below for talks and guided meditations from London Insight events in 2023 and 2024.

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Bhante Bodhidhamma – “Vipassana Insight Meditation as Practiced in the Mahasi Tradition”
Retreat Day, 18th May 2024

Lama Rod Owens – “Dreams of A New Saint: From Broken Hearts to Spiritual Warriors”
Evening Workshop, 14th May 2024

Ajahn Sucitto – “Repair and release: servicing the heart”
Weekend Retreat, 11-12th May 2024

Christina Feldman – “The Three Liberating Understandings”
Retreat Day, 28th April 2024

Mimi Kuo-Deemer – “Rooted Practice”
Retreat Day, 20th April 2024

Martin Aylward – “Maranasati: How reflecting on your death can liberate your life”
Retreat Day, 23rd March 2024

Ven Canda – “True Meaning of Compassion”
Retreat Day, 24th February 2024

Kaira Jewel Lingo – “Meeting Times of Crisis with Wisdom, Resilience and Balance”
Online Workshop, 6th December 2023

Ayala Gill – “The Three Marks of Existence”
Retreat Day, 25th November 2023

Stephen Fulder – “The Non-Dual Buddha”
Online workshop, 8th September 2023


Ajahn Sucitto – “A Matter of Balance”
Weekend Retreat, 23-24th September 2023

Christina Feldman – “Brahmaviharas as pathways of liberation”
Retreat Day, 17th September 2023

Ajahn Amaro – “Togetherness and Individuality”
Retreat Day, 19th August 2023

John Peacock – “Buddhist Ethics in the Contemporary World”
Retreat Day, 22nd July 2023

Bernat Font – “The Dharma of Pleasure”
Retreat Day, 9th July 2023

Christina Feldman – “Distortion, Perception and Proliferation”
Retreat Day, 11th June 2023

Ajahn Brahmali – “Perceiving Like A Buddha”
Retreat Day, 23rd May 2023

Jill Shepherd – “Exploring the four brahmavihāra heart qualities in daily life”
Online Weekend Retreat, 12th-14th May 2023

Spring Washam – “Taking Refuge in The Third Jewel”
Online Workshop, 16th April 2023

Venerable Canda – “Preparing the Mind for the Natural Breath”
Retreat Day, 19th March 2023

Jake Dartington – “The Spiritual Faculties (Indriyas)”
Retreat Day, 4th March 2023

Martin Aylward – “A Free Life in a Constrained World”
Retreat Day, 25th February 2023

Zohar Lavie – “Bringing the Practice to Life”
Retreat Day, 4th February 2023

Jill Shepherd – “Rest, Resilience, Renewal, Release”
Evening Event, 3rd February 2023