Zohar Lavie – Pathways to happiness: cultivating attitudes of practice and living that nourish wellbeing and contentment
Sun 15th Dec

Christina Feldman – Fabrication and non fabrication
Sun 17th Nov

Christina Feldman – A question of meaning
Sat 16th Nov

Maura Sills – Depression obscures our natural state of happiness
Sun 3rd Nov

Yanai Postelnik – Holding the heart-line: practicing with vulnerability and courage in compassionate action
Sun 6th Oct

Kirsten Kratz – Ground, body, breath, space – the art of knowing support
Sun 29th Sept

Ajahn Sucitto – Love me love my monkey: self acceptance (for experienced practitioners)
Sun 22nd September

Ajahn Sucitto – Love me love my monkey: self acceptance
Sat 21st September

Jake Dartington – Cultivating compassion: perspectives from early buddhist teachings and contemporary mindfulness-based approaches
Sat 7th September

Ajahn Amaro – Dependent origination
Sun 11th August

Ajahn Amaro – The four noble truths
Sat 10th August

Maura Sills – Fear and anxiety
Sun 21st July

Jake Dartington – A heart full of peace
Sun 9th June

Stephen Batchelor – Imagination as a path of practice
Sunday 26th May

Phillip Moffitt – Living the Dharma in difficult times
Sat 18th May

Jaya Karen Rudgard – Stopping for peace: finding steadiness in an unstable world
Sun 12th May

Lama Rod and local panellists – An inclusive Dharma
Tues 23rd April

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John Peacock – The taste of experience: practising with vedana
Sun 7th April

Bhante Bodidhamma – Insight Meditation in the Mahasi tradition
Sun 31st March

Martin Aylward – Human nature, Buddha nature
Sat 2nd February

Ven Canda – The power of loving kindness
Sun 13th January