Residential retreats


Residential retreats provide an opportunity to step back from day to day responsibilities, allowing a sustained engagement with meditation practice and Dharma teachings in a supportive environment.

London Insight’s main affiliation is with Gaia House, a residential retreat centre in Devon that we enthusiastically recommend for anyone who wants to deepen their experience of insight meditation.

London Insight began when two Londoners, returning from Gaia House, decided to invite its teachers to offer day retreats in London. Since then, a pleasing synergy has developed between the two organisations.

Many people first attend London Insight events and then visit Gaia House for a more intensive exploration of meditation and Buddhism.  Many others visit Gaia House first and then seek out London Insight in order to maintain and develop their practice in the midst of everyday life.

Gaia House teachers not only lead most of our events but offer invaluable guidance about how we run London Insight. We also work closely with the Gaia House management team.

Other retreat centres near London include Gayles Retreat Centre and Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.

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