Getting Started With Your Practice

If you are new to meditation this page can help to get you started. Many of our events are also suitable for beginners and include instruction in meditation from experienced teachers.


About meditation

Over the centuries, many different meditation techniques have been developed in different cultures. At London Insight, we practise several approaches drawn from early Buddhism. Although they are firmly rooted in the Buddhist tradition, you do not have to be a Buddhist to practise them. We believe they are appropriate for people of any spiritual background – as well as people who do not consider themselves spiritual at all.


Insight Meditation

Insight meditation, also known as Vipassana meditation, is a form of meditation that involves paying close attention to physical sensations and mental processes in order to gain insight into the nature of existence. The practice involves focusing on the breath and observing thoughts and sensations as they arise. The goal of insight meditation is to develop a deep understanding of the nature of reality and to cultivate compassion and wisdom.


Calm Abiding Meditation

Calm abiding meditation, also known as Samatha meditation, is a form of meditation that involves cultivating a calm and focused mind. Samatha meditation is typically practiced by focusing on the breath, or another object (such as a candle flame) as an anchor for our attention. The practice involves training the mind to remain focused on the present moment, rather than getting lost in thoughts about the past or future.


Loving-kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation, also known as metta meditation, is a form of meditation that aims to cultivate kindness towards oneself and others. The practice sometimes involves silently repeating phrases of well-wishing towards oneself and others, such as “may I be happy” and “may all beings be free from suffering”.


Our Online Resources

Dharma Circle Sessions. These online drop-in session via Zoom are offered twice a month, and is a great way for a beginner to get started with a practice.

Audio recordings. Audio recordings of talks and guided meditations from most of our events, are available here on our website. Among them are many great guided meditations and introductory teachings on a variety of topics, to support your practice.

Video recordings. On our YouTube channel we offer video recordings of talks and guided practices from some of our events. Like with the audio recordings, there are many guided meditations available as well as introductory teachings such as this playlist with Jenny Wilks introducing Samatha, Vipassana and Metta meditations.



Books can also be a useful resource as you begin your practice. Below are a selection of ebooks that are suitable for beginners.

Meditation A Way of Awakening by Ajahn Sucitto.

Finding the missing peace by Ajahn Amaro.

The Four Noble Truths by Ajahn Sumedho.

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