On-line learning

The Internet provides numerous opportunities for connecting with teachers and peers and engaging in study and practice. The following selection may be of interest to you:

Introduction to Insight Meditation a six week course by Jake Dartington

Sangha live an online Dharma practice group. Each Sunday, renowned Insight Meditation teachers offer meditation instruction, teachings, and live Q&A on video as well as online courses.

Dharmaseed is an online collection of talks from Insight Meditation centres worldwide.  It’s possible to search by talks/teachers/retreats.

Awakening Joy a five month experiential course from James Baraz to develop your natural capacity for well-being.

Triycle online courses offer online meditation courses.

The Foundations of Well-Being a year long online program from Rick Hanson using science based methods to help you feel more resilient, confident and joyful.

Spirit Rock Meditation Centre runs a number of online courses.

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