Talks and guided meditations from London Insight events in 2016

Christina Feldman – Awakening and Forgetting
Sunday 20th November

Christina Feldman – Embodiment
Saturday 19th November


Chris Cullen & John Peacock – Mindfulness of Dhammas [Mental Phenomena]

Saturday 12th November

Bhante Bodidhamma – Right speech especially in view of the sacred
Sunday 23rd October 2016

Ajahn Sucitto – Rewilding the mind
Sunday 11th September

Ajahn Sucitto – Rewilding the mind
Saturday 10th September

Thanissara & Kittisaro – From separation to seamless reality
Sunday 21st August

Chris Cullen – Equanimity
Sunday 10th July

James and Jane Baraz – Awakening Joy: Dharma Practice as a Path of Happiness
Sunday 3rd July

Stephen Batchelor – Meditations of an itinerant preacher
Sunday 26th June

Noah Levine – Taking Refuge – Committing to the practices and principles of Awakening
Sunday 19th June

Jenny Wilks – After the eight week course
Saturday 4th June

Sharon Salzberg – Equanimity
Sunday 8th May

Sharon Salzberg – Loving Kindness
Saturday 7th May

Stephen and Martine Batchelor – Does gender make a difference?
Friday 8th April

Jason Siff – Our stories thoughts and emotions in meditation
Sunday 3rd April

John Peacock – Metta
Sunday 6th March

Martine Batchelor – A question of identity
Sunday 21st February

Yanai Postelnik – Recognising our original goodness
Sunday 31st January