See below for talks and guided meditations from London Insight events in 2022.

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Christina Feldman – “Cultivating a Well Trained Heart: the Path of Samadhi”
Weekend Retreat, 19-20th November 2022

Yanai Postelnik – “Love in the time of crisis”
Retreat Day, 12th November 2022

Mary Stancavage – “The Joy of Letting Go”
Retreat Day, 6th November 2022

Kirsten Kratz – “Love, Courage and Balance in Times of Uncertainty”
Practice Day, 22th October 2022

Frank Ostaseski – “Inviting the Wisdom of Death into Life”
Online workshop, 2nd October 2022

Jenny Wilks – “Meditation: a deeper calm than stillness”
Retreat Day, 10th September 2022

Leigh Brasington – “Dependent Origination and Emptiness”
Workshop, 14th August 2022

Ajahn Amaro – “Letting go – Isn’t That a Bit Irresponsible!?”
Retreat day, 6th August 2022

Vince Cullen & Kevin Griffin – “Breaking the Spell: Disenchantment and the End of Craving”
Retreat day, 30th July 2022

Zohar Lavie – “Meeting the Climate Emergency with Compassion and Wisdom”
Retreat day, 2nd July 2022

Maura Sills – “I am enough”
Workshop day, 26th June 2022

Christina Feldman – “Vulnerability as a crossroads”
Workshop day, 18th June 2022

James Baraz – “The Dharma as Medicine for Our Planet”
Evening workshop, 29th April 2022

Ajahn Sucitto – “Relaxing self-boundaries into Dhamma fields”
Weekend retreat, 23-24th April 2022

Sharon Salzberg – “Finding Balance in Challenging Times”
Evening workshop, Sunday 3rd April 2022

Lama Rod Owens – “Going to the Edge: Exploring the Dharma of Grief in Times of Struggle”
Evening workshop, Sunday 29th March 2022
(Please note that the recording was made on a smartphone, hence the sound quality is not as high as usual.)

Jake Dartington – “The Delights and Pitfalls of Faith”
Day retreat, Saturday 20th March 2022

Martin Aylward – “Awake Where You Are”
Day retreat, Saturday 5th March 2022