Recordings from London Insight 2018 events:

John Peacock – The unity of insight and compassion
Sun 9th December



Maura Sills – Grief and Loss
Sat 1st December

Christina Feldman – Identity and non self
Sun 18th November

Christina Feldman – Breaking the chain of reactivity
Sat 17th Nov

Zohar Lavie – Awakening wisdom, peace and joy
Sun 11th Nov

Mary Stancavage – Living with an undefended heart
Sat 3rd November

Bhante Bodidhamma – Insight Meditation in the Mahasi tradition
Sun 21st October

Catherine McGee – A day of soulfulness practice
Sun 14th October

Christina Feldman & Chris Cullen – Awakening insight: the experience and nature of liberating insight in Early Buddhist teachings and contemporary mindfulness-based approaches
Sat 1st September

Anoushka Fernandopoulle – Urban elements: the dharma of your body in the city
Sunday 19th August

Ajahn Amaro – Unentangled participating, a hands-on letting go
Sunday 15th July

Yanai Postelnik – The place of spiritual devotion in our modern world
Sun 24th June


James and Jane Baraz – Grateful heart, joyful heart
Sat 23rd June

Stephen Batchelor – The art of solitude
Sun 17th June

Jenny Wilks – Seeing for yourself
Sun 6th June



Mary Aubry – The eightfold path
Sun 27th May


Maura Sills – Fear and anxiety
Sat 19th May


Ajahn Sucitto – Moving out of Old Grooves (for exp. practitioners)
Sun 29th April

Ajahn Sucitto – Moving out of Old Grooves
Sat 28th April

Jake Dartington – Fundamentals of Buddhism – Freeing the Heart
Sat 21st April


Rod Owens – Radical dharma in the time of crisis
Friday 13th April

Jake Dartington – Fundamentals of Buddhism ‘acting wisely’
Sat 24th March

Ven Vimokkha – Intuitive Awareness
Fri 16th March

Kirsten Kratz – A voyage of discovery
Sun 4th March

Jake Dartington – Fundamentals of Buddhism ‘seeing clearly’
Sat 24th February

Ven Canda – Is Mindfulness enough?
Sun 11th February

Martin Aylward – The true heart’s longing
Sat 27th January