About London Insight

London Insight Meditation (LIM) is a small independent charity that promotes insight meditation, plus related practices, values and teachings from the Buddhist tradition.

Our events are led by an exceptional group of teachers from the insight meditation and early Buddhism traditions, many through our relationship with Gaia House where some of our teachers are based.

We aim to present insight meditation and related teachings in a manner that is accessible to western practitioners, while preserving their full depth.  To this end Buddhist ritual and imagery usually play little part in our events. We do however value our links with more traditional Buddhist institutions, such as Amaravati and Satipanya.

LIM is run by a team of volunteer coordinators and trustees plus a paid part-time manager. We are ourselves committed meditators, and most of us attend longer retreats.

We whole-heartedly welcome all, irrespective of religious or political belief, gender, sexuality, age, class, ethnicity, nationality or disability.  Our hope for the future is to develop an increasingly varied programme of events appropriate to people of all backgrounds.

We warmly welcome people of all spiritual traditions or none and we do not seek to convert.  We are pleased if participants in our events find in insight meditation a way to a deeper engagement with their own tradition.

As a registered charity London Insight Meditation has a registered office (not for correspondence) at c/o 1 Sopwith Crescent, Wickford, England, SS11 8YU


Our Vision

London Insight Meditation exists to serve the Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha, which tells us that awakening is possible, that our minds and our hearts can be open and at peace – here and now, in this very city, in this very life, in this very moment.


Our Mission

We aim to ensure that the Buddha’s teaching is readily accessible in London; to support the efforts of Londoners at every stage of the path to understand the Dharma and realise it in their own lives; and, through our activities, to foster the growth of the community of Londoners who are inspired by the Buddha’s Dharma.


Inclusive Sangha

We have the right IDEA. Become part of it. Inclusion, Diversity. Equity and Accessibility for all.

At London Insight Meditation, inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility are at the centre of our values. We’re passionate about our IDEA of creating warm and empowering environments. We strive to have a sangha where you feel engaged, included and valued.

This is based on our mission to ensure that the Buddha’s teachings are readily accessible and support all Londoners in understanding the Dharma and growing a Buddhist inspired community.

Our teachings are enriched by accepting each other as we are. We celebrate our uniqueness as well as what we have in common.

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