Vince Cullen is an ex-alcoholic who has been associated with the Wat Thamkrabok monastery in Thailand and Buddhist-oriented drug and alcohol recovery since 1998. Vince founded and has facilitated Fifth Precept Sangha meditation-for-awakening Sit-and-Share meetings in England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Nepal, Thailand and the USA as part of his ongoing teaching of Hungry Ghost Retreats. He is a charter member of the Buddhist Recovery Network.

Vince has completed both the Committed Dharma Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner programmes offered by Gaia House in England. Vince has completed the Mindfulness Teachers Development Programme offered by Bodhi College in Switzerland and the UK. Vince has twice taken temporary ordination in the unique Buddhist tradition practised at Wat Thamkrabok monastery in Thailand.  He has previously been a Buddhist Prison Chaplain in both male and female prisons in the UK.

Vince was an alcoholic for much of his adult life; often wanting to have his own pub but as he says “luckily, I never got one!”. Now 22+ years sober, he has acquired ‘The Hilltop’ pub in Carrigahorig, Tipperary with plans to turn it into a residential mindfulness meditation centre renamed ‘Nalagiri House‘; a pub with no beer serving mindfulness to those with a thirst for true happiness.