Brent Beresford’s (they/them) greatest teachers are their children, showing them how unreasonable their expectations are, and encouraging the practice of relationship and community. Their work has been in engaging the power of relationship, accompanying individuals and groups since 2002.

They have endeavoured to transmit teachings of Dhamma in various forms since 2013, through mindfulness-based approaches and the practice of insight dialogue. Brent aspires to lean into the darker places, finding “how the dark too blooms and sings.” A person of mixed racial heritage, they also identify as gender nonconforming.

Brent is inspired to explore the living Dhamma with folks. Taking the large perspectives allowed through Dhamma, these must break down the rigidity found in colonized and patriarchal values, as well as integrate the ways we understand trauma to impact the nervous systems, both individual and collective. Their work as a psychologist, integrating Somatic Experiencing, greatly influences these aspirations.