Ven Canda began meditating in 1996 with SN Goenka and practiced intensively in India for many years. In 2006 she was ordained in Burma as a Buddhist nun and in 2012 went to Australia to learn under the guidance of Ajahn Brahm and receive full (bhikkhuni) ordination.
Ven Canda’s teachings emphasise kindness and letting go as a way to deepen samadhi (stillness) and insight. Her style is warm, engaging and richly informed by the pragmatism and compassion of the early Buddhist texts.
In 2016 Ven Canda founded Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project with her Teacher Ajahn Brahm – a UK charity aimed at establishing the first “Forest Monastery” in the UK where women can take full ordination.
You can read more about this worthy community project here: www.anukampaproject.org