Feedback and complaints


London Insight is committed to creating a positive, supportive and beneficial environment at all our events and related activities.

We welcome your feedback in order to improve the way we work and organise our events. We may email you to ask for your feedback on our events.  We would appreciate any help you are able to give us with this.

If any aspect of the service you receive from London Insight falls short of your expectations, please bring this to our attention and we will do our best to address any issues you raise. You can contact us directly if you want to provide general feedback or raise any issue with us. Please contact us using the contact form.

If we are not able to resolve an issue to your satisfaction, you may bring a formal complaint. You, or a representative, may make such a complaint to our Director who has initial responsibility to investigate it. Complaints, which will be dealt with confidentially, should be in writing by email using this address.

Your complaint will be acknowledged and you can expect a response from our Director within 14 days. You or your representative will be contacted directly by the Director as part of the investigation and you will be informed how long it is likely to take. When the investigation is complete the Director will inform you of the outcome.

Should you not be satisfied with this outcome, you may appeal to the Chair of the Trustees. If it is not appropriate for the Director to deal with the complaint initially, it will be directed to the Chair of Trustees from the outset. The Chair of Trustees can be contacted using this address. Both Director and Chair are accountable to London Insight’s Trustees for their decisions.

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