Peter Keeping


pkPeter Keeping, who died aged 71 in October 2013, was a stalwart of London Insight.  He served as an organiser – enthusiastically helping to run London Insight events – during the two years before his death, and he was also active in the organisation of London Retreats (the predecessor to London Insight) in the years prior to 2007.

Peter was also active in local sitting groups near his home in Maidenhead, and he was a regular attender at the Insightful Ageing  inquiry group, one of the groups affiliated with London Insight.

Peter brought an enthusiasm to his practice and inquiry, and over the years we had many exchanges debating and clarifying interpretations of the dharma.  He was passionate about the direction of London Insight and how it could evolve to meet the needs of existing and new members in coming years.  As part of this, he joined a working group investigating deepening practice and training for sitting group facilitators in 2012, and for over year he engaged in many discussions – some heated, but never without passion, sincerity and integrity.  When the question of facilitation experience arose, he decided to become a sitting group facilitator in order to get the relevant experience.

During the summer of 2013, Peter discovered the samatha practice group, which meets in Twickenham.  Despite the considerable distance and time involved, Peter joined this group and found it a great support for his practice.  At the time of his death, he was engaging actively with the practices developed in this group, and he was looking forward to attending two retreats at Gaia House in December.

It was a privilege to know and work with Peter, and his passion for the dharma and how it can be developed and spread remains an inspiration to me and many others. Peter was an active searcher for liberation through the dharma, and his example remains for those of us in London Insight and elsewhere who knew him.

Gary Born

For a recording of the short ceremony dedicated to Peter by Bhante Bodhidhamma, click here.

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