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Mindfulness and wise effort with Christina Feldman & Chris Cullen

4 November 2017 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Buddha described the path of practice and Awakening in terms of four ‘Great Efforts’ – preventing unhelpful and unwholesome tendencies from arising, abandoning those that have already arisen, cultivating wholesome and skilful tendencies that have not yet arisen, and maintaining and bringing to fullness those that have already arisen. These four efforts are also implicit within and integral to Mindfulness-Based Interventions, and this day will explore how these intentions can be harnessed so as to support and facilitate transformative mindfulness practice. The day will be particularly oriented to mindfulness teachers and those in teacher-training, but it is also open to anyone with an interest in the relationship between contemporary Mindfulness-Based approaches and Early Buddhist psychology and practice. As part of the day, we will consider the Buddha’s advice on ‘The Removal of Distracting Thoughts’ [Sutta 20 in the Majjhima Nikāya].


Events at London Insight are offered in a spirit of generosity. The price you pay goes towards the running of the event but does not include any payment to the teachers for their teaching. Instead our teachers rely on the generosity of participants for their livelihood. You will be invited to make a financial contribution to the teacher’s livelihood at the event.


Standard: £32.00 – This covers our costs but not the cost of providing supported places
Sponsor: £45.00 – A voluntary higher rate enabling us to offer supported rate places
Supported: £20.00 – For those unable to afford the standard rate

Please pay the sponsor rate if you can.

If you are unable to afford the supported rate please let us know. We try to ensure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.

LUNCH: There is an on-site café at St Luke’s or bring your own.

SEATING:  The venue will set the room up with chairs theatre style for this workshop.

REGISTRATION: will open at 9.30am; the teachings will begin at 10.00am


Who's Attending

80 people are attending Mindfulness and wise effort

  • Angela Mason
  • Vicky Lawson
  • Sui Wong
  • Lucy Draper
  • Carole Connolly
  • H Nock
  • zoe shobbrook-fisher
  • Gidon Fineman
  • David Lillywhite
  • Brenda Vainker
  • Dan Roberts
  • Ads Afilaka
  • Rebecca Small
  • Penny Chipps
  • Irving Lancer
  • Fionna Bathgate
  • Theresa Ryan-Enright
  • Gary Born
  • Iona Mackenzie
  • Mary Harris
  • Mark Lee
  • SImon Brook
  • Karen Asprey
  • katie glasner
  • yewande savage
  • David Bignell
  • Susanna Payne
  • Tim Gay
  • Owain Cavanah
  • Javier Martinez
  • Pierluigi Garbo
  • Michael Eisen
  • Olivier Bazin
  • Deschu Oldham
  • Pascale Scheurer
  • Mary Louise Morris
  • Anna Aprile
  • Judy Slater
  • Doriana Licusati
  • Sabu Bhugobaun
  • Shireen Harri
  • Sabina Ilyas
  • Pamela Lawson
  • Jon Bowden
  • Christina Sage
  • Judith Thompson
  • Alison Brooks
  • susan peacock
  • Mary Louise Morris
  • Caitlin Fox-Hodess
  • Sophie Amoni
  • Jeanne Ling
  • Deborah Lewis
  • Mo McAuley
  • Mark Maclean
  • Barrie Jeffrey
  • Lisa Arthur
  • Claire Ratinon
  • Maria Askew
  • Roya Hekmatpanah
  • Andrezza Valentin
  • Charlotte Seirberg
  • Hilary Roberts
  • Jenny & Rai Turton
  • Astrid Jones
  • linda latter
  • Catherine Huckle
  • V K K Karunaratne
  • Lauren Wasteney
  • Don de Silva
  • Sonia Patel
  • ali gilling
  • mahseeman majid
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Fully BookedFeldman_C&Cullen_C_2017Nov04_stn£32.00
Fully BookedFeldman_C&Cullen_C_2017Nov04_spo£45.00
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4 November 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
£20 - £45
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St Luke’s Community Centre
90 Central Street,
London, EC1V 8AJ United Kingdom