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Finding true refuge in a modern world with Catherine McGee

1 October 2017 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH TO THIS RETREAT – hot drinks will be provided.

In a world where so much is changing so fast, where can we find a place for our hearts to rest?

From one perspective insight meditation and mindfulness can be seen as rational techniques, with benefits confirmed by science. From another perspective our practice can inspire in us a sense of the sacred, devotion to something larger than ourselves, resting on faith and bringing blessing to ourselves and the world. How do we hold, practice and benefit from both these orientations and explore what relating to a sense of the sacred might look like in a modern context? Join us to explore timeless refuge and meaningfulness in today’s world, releasing the heart and mind from the endless search for home.


Events at London Insight are offered in a spirit of generosity. The price you pay goes towards the running of the event but does not include any payment to the teachers for their teaching. Instead our teachers rely on the generosity of participants for their livelihood. You will be invited to make a financial contribution to the teacher’s livelihood at the event.


Standard: £20.00 – This covers our costs but not the cost of providing supported places
Sponsor: £25.00 – A voluntary higher rate enabling us to offer supported rate places
Supported: £12.00 – For those unable to afford the standard rate

Please pay the sponsor rate if you can.

If you are unable to afford the supported rate please let us know. We try to ensure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.

LUNCH: Please bring your own lunch to this retreat.  Hot drinks will be provided.

SEATING: Chairs and mats will be provided; bring your own cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor.

REGISTRATION: will open at 9.30am; the teachings will begin at 10.00am

PARKING: There is no parking in the school but free parking is available on North End Road and surrounding streets.

Who's Attending

95 people are attending Finding true refuge in a modern world

  • Julia Jameson
  • Katherine Amiel
  • Natasha Jacoby
  • Jennifer Long
  • Jana Bakunina
  • Andrea Christelis
  • esther usiskin cohen
  • Pau Honrubia
  • mandy sarankin
  • James Blake
  • Charlotte Seirberg
  • Dan Roberts
  • Silvia Nobre
  • Irving Lancer
  • Alison Enright
  • Ali Robson
  • Stefan Polanyk
  • yewande savage
  • rosalind nanji-rowe
  • Suzan Wookey
  • Mohini Chatlani
  • Fiona Nitsche
  • Ruth Breznay
  • Anita Dickinson
  • Rebecca Hastings
  • Jacqui McShannon
  • Kathryn Lovering
  • Reena Purchase
  • bill graham
  • Manuela Guidarini
  • shennel taylor
  • Sophie Therouanne
  • Kerry McNulty
  • Marie Paglinghi
  • Genevieve Ford-Saville
  • Christine Jones
  • Jo Kaye
  • Sue Fenwick Elliott
  • Gus Gata-Aura
  • Melanie Tokley
  • Lucy Draper
  • Gayle Creasey
  • Stephen Davy
  • Sophie Matthew
  • Iona Mackenzie
  • John Heyderman
  • Tatiana Judycka
  • Malgorzata Nowak
  • Paquita de Zulueta
  • Helen Morgan
  • Paz Horn-Robinson
  • Tom Clark
  • Patricia Merlin
  • Margaret schumann
  • Marc Tibber
  • Bernadette Wren
  • Sara Zmertych
  • Krisytan Robinson
  • Gaynor Mcnulty
  • Kate Simon
  • Madeleine Bates
  • Louise Burnell
  • Linda Tillman
  • zoe shobbrook-fisher
  • Gillian Clark
  • chloe Rounce
  • Lynne Cox
  • luke bradley-jones
  • Sonia Patel
  • Anthony Waters
  • Melani Sampson
  • Astrid Jones
  • Hagit Amsterdam
  • Ross Benzie
  • Hannah Edwards
  • Julia Redei
  • Andrea Hosfeld
  • Tami Alikhani
  • Marion Unia
  • Daniel Silveyra Perez
  • Jo Corren
  • Stephen Read
  • april winstock
  • paul stewart
  • Harriet Brown
  • Lamia Tully
  • Martina Philips
  • Inet Strydom
  • James Lyons
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1 October 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
£12 - £25
Event Category:


King Alfred School
149 North End Road,
London, NW11 7HY United Kingdom