Our Team

Our team help run our events, supervising volunteers and organising our programme. The team are volunteers themselves and offer their time freely at the events in the spirit of service. We also have a paid part-time freelance events manager who deals with operations and programming who also volunteers at many of our events.


alexAlex Irving
Alex is our Director. He began practicing insight meditation in 2001 and has been on the London Insight team since 2010. With a background in osteopathy he now primarily works teaching mindfulness in secular contexts.




Andrea DaviesAndrea Davies
Andrea was introduced to Zen Buddhism through Roshi Kapleau. In 2008, Insight Meditation through Gaia House offered her a lifeline. After training as an MBSR facilitator, she completed the Committed Dharma Practitioner Programme. She does free-lance work for local government, following a career in green issues and initiation to beekeeping.



catherine thompsonCatherine Thompson

Catherine has been meditating since around 2000 beginning with TM. She discovered London Insight Meditation after taking a mindfulness based stress reduction course in 2006. Since then she has gradually got more involved, becoming a co-ordinator, attending residential retreats at Gaia House and elsewhere, and now attending a weekly sitting group in central London. Catherine is teacher specialising in children under 5. She is currently deputy head of a children’s centre in North London. Her most consistent “hobbies” are walking in town or in the country, and swimming but she has many other interests but not enough time!


Gary Corcoran (1)Gary Corcoran
Gary has been attending London Insight events for about 5 years and in 2014 joined the organising team. When the opportunity came to join the team he felt it was the right time to offer his assistance and support these events as he had learned so much from them. Gary is a qualified Librarian with over 10 years experience in the Library and Information sector. As well as meditation he also practices yoga when he gets the time. His favourite quote is from Mark Nepo “Our challenge each day is not to get dressed to face the world but to unglove ourselves so that the doorknob feels cold and the car handle feels wet and the kiss goodbye feels like the lips of another being, soft and unrepeatable.”


louiseLouise Kennedy
Louise is our Events Manager. She has been involved with London Insight since the late 1990’s. She is an Iyengar Yoga teacher, a member of the East London sitting group and enjoys walking and gardening.




Steve teaches the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido and is also a Personal Trainer. He has been attending London Insight events since the late 1990’s and is a member of the East London Sitting Group. Originally Steve’s practice was in the Zen tradition but he feels very much at home with Insight Meditation. His favourite quote is from Bhante Bodhidhamma “Feed the need, starve the greed” which he finds easier said than done.






We offer these appreciations of members of the team who have passed away:

Barry Letts

Peter Keeping

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